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Is Liuyang at 28 ° north latitude suitable for making whiskey?

Oct 19,/2022

28 ° north latitude, a magical whiskey making golden belt.

28 ° north latitude is a mysterious existence.

There are many wonderful natural landscapes and many mysterious sites of human civilization.

The summit of the world, Mount Everest, the ancient Egyptian pyramids, the mysterious Bermuda, the murals of the “God of Fire” in the Sahara Desert, and the spring tide of the Qiantang River are all located at the line of 28 degrees north latitude.

In addition, there are mysterious brewing & distilling miracles in this latitude. French Bordeaux, burgundy red wine, Scotch whisky, Chinese Baijiu and other world-famous wines all come from this latitude. The precious and unique climate zone makes the temperature and humidity particularly suitable for microorganisms.

Liuyang, the Red Revolutionary Base and the hometown of rice, is also on this line.

The sun of Liuyang River, is a natural gift that cannot be lived up to

As an important tributary, Liuyang River has bred extremely profound historical culture, agricultural civilization and industrial civilization.

After many visits and studies, Goalong Group built the whiskey distillery on this lands that are full of surprises.

Travelled abroad Made pilgrimage to Scotland

Wandered through Kentucky and Tennessee

got lost and intoxicated at the foot of Mount Fuji

Reveled in the valley of Miyagikyo

However, in this free and elegant feeling

the flavor of China has been always missing

Liu Yang Dawei Mountain, altitude at 1608m, 99.00% forest greenery rate

The shale formed over billions of years, penetrated by the misty rain, snow and cloud at all seasons. The taste of nature flows out in a clear and sweet way

Natural weak alkalinity and rich minerals are the best cradle for yeast breeding

The unique climate brought by the breath of the basin and valley, is most suitable for planting the seeds of dreams

It also enables Goalong to find a place that is most suitable for whiskey making which can also represent Changsha.

Excellent Fermentation

Liuyang has a humid subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, rain and heat in the same season, abundant precipitation and sufficient light. A warm and humid environment is more suitable for the microbial growth, and good quality yeast is one of the necessary conditions for whiskey making.

Active Barrel Aging

In hot climates, it accelerates the interaction between the whiskey and the barrels to be active. The whiskey expands and contracts with changes in temperature and air pressure, extracting tannins, vanillin and other compounds from the wood more quickly.

Clean and Sweet Water

The water from Dawei Mountains taste slightly sweet. With rain and dew, Dawei Mountain stream water washing the pebbles throughout the year and brings rich mineral resources from upstream, making the water of Liuyang River carrying rich trace elements, such as selenium, calcium, magnesium and sodium.

Every detail of the environment endows Goalong Whiskey with a distinctive personality and soul.

At 28 degrees north latitude, in the Chinese whisky chart,

Right here in Liuyang, we uphold the spirit of being the first

Goalong people are tirelessly exploring the whiskey making technology and culture

The affirmation of local Terroir makes Goalong Whiskey unique and has four distinct seasons.

Rare Gentle, beautiful, full of fragrance

Persistence and powerful strength

We are committed to bringing this local flavor into Goalong Whiskey

Share this taste and difference to the world.

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