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Made A Barrel of Whiskey ourselves to start the Study Tour

Nov 22,/2022

(City Brand Ambassador Study Tour Review)

Recently, Goalong Distillery welcomed the first batch of city brand ambassadors to visit, 3 days and 2 nights of systematic study, fieldwork and in-depth exploration, making this study tour full of epoch-making significance.

“It was a super in-depth study full of surprises.”

— Anna, Goalong City Brand Ambassador

In the whiskey foundation course, Mr. Luo Feng meticulously explained the making process of Goalong whiskey. Strong theoretical knowledge and years of making experience make the flavor of Goalong whiskey so versatile and special. The selection of malt, the degree of crushing, the degree of saccharification, the two washing of lees, the control of fermentation time, the use of stills and the selection of the core, all processes are guaranteed to be precise and accurate to ensure that the brewed liquor is richly layered with mellow flavor.

“There are so many dry goods, the quality monitoring of Goalong whiskey is too attentive.”

— Goalong City Brand Ambassador Dong Tianjun

In the whiskey making quality control, the data management system, making process management system and traceability management system support the quality control of Goalong whiskey making. With the strict digital management, every process is under control.

“I didn’t expect this whiskey to be so full of taste, like discovering a new world of whiskey.”

–San Huang, Goalong City Brand Ambassador

In the tasting session, there were 10 different whiskies with different tastes. Although the ageing time is not very long, but each of them has a distinctive personality and full taste. The most distinctive is the peat whiskey, distinctive smoky and sterilized water taste filled the mouth. The most surprising is the bourbon cask whiskey, cream and marzipan flavor full, smooth, sweet and refreshing in the mouth. Taste it yourself to know that each whiskey is full of surprises.

“The atmosphere of the cellar is great, and the hands-on experience of filling the new spirit is expected to give it a new life in Hunan’s climate”

–Goalong City Brand Ambassador Levy

In the cool cellar, caressing one oak barrel after another, the fragrance of the wine in the air was intoxicating. The oak barrels were like mothers, protecting and nurturing the whiskey, giving it aroma and color. Mr. Guo explained the art of barrel aging in a slightly drunken atmosphere. The ambassadors had a hands-on experience of filling the new spirit and were full of endless expectations for the future.

“How do we want more people to know about Goalong and drink Goalong whiskey?”

The founder of Goalong Group, ALan Gao, and the city brand ambassadors discussed this issue. Indeed, in the history of international spirits, Chinese whiskey has rarely been shown, and making a good Chinese whiskey brand is a topic worth discussing, and the Goalong brand ambassadors made a lot of suggestions and expectations for Goalong whiskey.

In addition to the rich theoretical knowledge and practical operation of whiskey, Goalong Group can let you learn

The most important thing is to brew happiness and transmit happiness.

Starry sky camping party, tasting local food in nature and music, appreciating Goalong whiskey

The evening breeze, experience the local customs and people.

The journey is short and meaningful, a group of people, focus on one thing, do a good job of Chinese whiskey.

The journey ahead is long and far, we will pursue our dreams always and never ever give up.

From Liuyang, to the world.

We expect more whiskey lovers to become the city Brand Ambassadors of Goalong Whiskey.

We hope that more whiskey lovers will become the City Brand Ambassadors of Goalong Whiskey and reach more places to convey the happy concept of Goalong Whiskey.

(Brand ambassador with certificate photo)

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