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Project No. 5 | Fluffy and sweet, it’s glutinous rice!

Oct 18,/2022

Hi, I am glutinous rice.

Growing up:

I grew up in a rice field on a farm in Liuyang on the 28th parallel of north latitude.

Here I have four distinct seasons and abundant rainfall.

I am surrounded and nourished by the water of the LiuYang River.

I enjoy plenty of sunshine.

On this land,

The long hours of light make me white as jade, full of grain, soft and sticky.

As single-season glutinous rice, I have a different journey from other grains.


“Turning glutinous rice into a glass of whiskey

Distiller Mr. Luo made the difference,

Crushing, saccharification, fermentation, distillation, barrel aging,

Liuyang’s terroir and the unique spirit of innovation at the Goalong Distillery.

The first batch of Goalong Qiu Xu glutinous rice single grain whiskey is born

Goalong is also the first distillery to produce a special single grain whiskey using glutinous rice as the grain.

Poured into a glass and savored, the wine is smooth, aromatic and refreshing, mellow and sweet.

“The green trees close to the village. The green hills are sloping beyond the Guo.” The leisurely life in the poem seems to be close at hand.


“Glutinous rice is in my eyes the purest raw material for brewing, barley was in the past a coarse grain, rice is a fine grain especially finely milled 30 percent glutinous rice is the finest of the finest.”

“Rice is the most important crop grown widely in China. In particular, Yuan Nongping’s hybrid rice is known worldwide. Why can’t we take a very Chinese grain and create a national specialty product?”

In this way, small sticky rice shapes the flavor of whiskey more.

It also carries the weight of Goalong’s dream-making project – an innovative national brand.

Want to have a taste of single grain whiskey – Qiu Xu?

Follow the official account and leave your comments in the background with your wishes and expectations for Goalong whiskey.

Three of you will be selected to receive a tasting bottle of whiskey ” Qiu Xu”.

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