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Talks on World Cup | The old and the new operate perfectly in Spain

Nov 25,/2022

Last night Spain ended with a 7-0 score against Costa Rica.

In this game, the young team with an average age of about 25 years old has shown the charisma and strength of the Spanish team with excellent individual skills on strong passing and ball controlling.

Before the match, some people analyzed the team’s lack of experience in the tournament, may need time to sharpen, and some people are not optimistic about this young team. But thanks to Spain’s world-leading soccer youth training, the players’ personal Europa League experience and Spain’s own soccer philosophy passed down from generation to generation, the fresh blood is almost perfectly integrated into the Spanish soccer team, and Ferran Torres, Pedri, Garcia and other youngsters have taken over the cape of “Matador” to lead a number of first-time World Cup participants. The relay between the old and the new makes this Spanish team have unlimited possibilities. When it comes to the topic of the old and the new, we have to talk about the famous Spanish wine – Sherry.

The Solera System I Spanish Wisdom Products

The perfect operation of the old and the new in Spain is not only reflected in the soccer competition, but also in the second half of the 18th century, when the Solera System, a system of alternating old and new sherry, was invented by Spanish wineries. By gradually blending the original wine from different vintages, the new wine was transformed into an aged wine as it moved in and out year after year. The longer the Solera System is in place, the more distinct and complex the style, and the richer the taste.

The Solera System was originally invented to maintain the stability and consistency of the Sherry style. Each year, new wines are put into the Solera System, and they quickly integrate with the older wines, resulting in a smooth and delicate flavor profile. The succession of the old and the new, one at a time, also minimizes the variability that the vintage brings to the spirit.

Goalong Distillery Star Cask I Sorera System Sherry Cask

高朗 The Goalong Distillery Sherry barrel comes from the Spanish Meridor winery, which was built in 1790 and is one of the landmarks of the Jerez region and one of the well-known wineries in the area. The winery has a deep wine culture and its sherry is known worldwide. The 30 year old Solera system sherry casks are known as the Rolls Royce of whiskey aging casks.

The whiskey aged in sherry casks has a rich flavor of dried apricots, candied fruit, dried pickled fruit, and tropical fruit flavors that blend perfectly with the sherry flavor, giving birth to other more complex fruit flavors. Malty sweetness is paired with full-bodied fruit flavors that leave a persistent aroma in the mouth. With ageing, the wine also becomes supple yet full-bodied.

New life and sedimentation – breaking the arrogant prejudice of time

In the concept of whiskey, time is always the measure of good or bad.

In a time of experimentation and tasting, how to perfectly blend the newmake and oak barrel sediment flavor, there are layers but not conflicting, taste suitable for the Chinese, have a pleasant drinking experience is the original intention of our distilling.

In the new era of whiskey, there are the battle of the gods, there is also a youthful storm, and there are rising stars. There is no eternal youth, but there are always people who are young, Goalong distillery would like to be like the Spanish teenagers, with the results to break the arrogance and prejudice of time.

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