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The Story of No. 1 Whiskey in Goalong Laboratory

Nov 19,/2022

A special bottle of whiskey at the Goalong distillery – Goalong Lab No. 1

Produced and distilled on the 29th of June, 2016

95% Australian malt, 5% charred malt.

Distiller Guo Hui, the new make from the 5L still was transferred to a 5L brandy cask (an aged cask of brandy made from local prickly grapes in Huxiang area).

Filled on January 8, 2017, the barrel aging period is less than seven months old and also has a nice amber color.

The bottle and the label were designed by the founder of the Goalong Group, Alan K.

The whiskey has been tasted and appreciated by many people, and the bottle is almost at the bottom now.

To commemorate the first batch of whiskey made by Goalong Group, it is now sealed as a souvenir.

Speaking of the evaluation of Goalong Laboratory No. 1, we have to mention a photo taken on September 24, 2017 and three young people born in the 1980s with Chinese whiskey affection.

When two visiting friends saw this bottle of whiskey, they couldn’t wait to taste the Chinese flavor. After opening the bottle for the first time, they expressed their satisfaction and surprised with the bottle of Goalong Laboratory No. 1, and they were full of firm confidence in their own whiskey career. Everyone told each other about their expectations for China’s whiskey industry and what they wanted to do to achieve their whiskey dreams.

Over the past five years, everyone has their own way to continue to practice their own ideals. Wei Weidong (left) founded Dongwei Distillery; Chen Zhengying (middle) became the first director of Laizhou Distillery and Alan K (right) invested in the establishment of Goalong (Liuyang) Distillery. Together, they crossed the first journey in the long history of Chinese whiskey.

The realization of an ideal is always full of difficulties. In the eyes of happy Goalong people, Lab No. 1 represents an arduous and meaningful history of Goalong.

In 2014, with the desire for Chinese whiskey, the Goalong Group started to contact distillery equipment manufacturers and began to prepare the first distillery within the Group.

In 2015, the Goalong Group officially built the first distillery and started the research and distilling of whiskey.

In 2016, with the success of Goalong Lab No. 1, it made Goalong more determined to make Chinese whiskey.

In those years, many rumors denied the Chinese whiskey region, the more resistance the more we have to go forward.

Goalong has produced a number of whiskey with characteristics and character, without the use of large equipment or the search for water sources.

If the in-depth research and experimentation, sufficient capital investment, whether Goalong can produce better Chinese whiskey products?

In 2017, Alan started a long and substantial global whiskey journey,

Standing under the Hakushu Distillery in Japan, looking at the notes taken by NIKKA, he breathed the mellow fragrance of half a century.

Learn from our whiskey predecessors, benchmark and make the best whiskey to honor them, why not?

After returning to China, the fourth distillery of Goalong Whiskey finally settled down in Liuyang to lay the foundation after constant selection of water source sites and unremitting efforts.

In 2020, Goalong Whiskey Distillery will be completed in Liuyang. It will introduce batch distillation and distilling equipment and high-end oak barrels from Europe and the United States to attract industry talents from all walks of life. More young and energetic people of insight join Goalong Group only to realize the original determination of that half bottle of whiskey.

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