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With Oriental charm, Goalong Whiskey Encountered gently with Brandy barrels

Nov 25,/2022

The Goalong distillery has a special batch of whisky aging barrels – brandy barrels. The whisky aged in these barrels is rich and sweet, with a light and elegant blend of grape and newmake malt flavors. Brandy barrels are relatively rare and novelty, and the raw materials for the brandy aged in these barrels come from Xinjiang, China, one of the “Top 3 Grape Regions Paradise of the World”, and are hand-made by the Goalong team, revealing a unique Chinese flavor from the inside out.

Selecting Grapes from Xinjiang area

Grapes were introduced to the Tulufan region probably through the north of Xinjiang to the east, during the Qin and Han dynasties, and might also from Central Asia through the Pamirs to the small countries in the oasis of the Tarim Basin in the south. The history is long and the cultivation process and varieties have been optimized.

Xinjiang Tianshan North, a Small Origin Ecological Vineyard, is located at 44 degrees north latitude, the golden latitude of wine grapes, together with the same latitude of Bordeaux, France, California, the United States and known as the “world’s 3 paradise grape production areas”. The excellent ecological environment of the planting base is natural, so that each grape material is bathed in bright sunshine and breathes pure air in a pure and pollution-free environment, laying a good foundation for making safe, healthy and high-quality brandy.

Because the quality of the grapes is greatly compromised during transportation and storage, the site of the brandy is chosen near the source of the raw material. The team of whiskey from Goalong traveled to the beautiful Xinjiang region of China and selected three types of Xinjiang white grape varieties to be harvested and fermented and distilled there before returning to Hunan for barrel aging. The clarified and bright grapes have a pleasant fruit and wine aroma, soft and crisp, full and complete, with the right amount of acidity and a long aftertaste. The different grape varieties have various aromas of apple, pear, citrus fruit, melon, pineapple, peach, butter, honey, vanilla, cream, candy, and spices.

Oak Barrel Selection

The barrels chosen for this brandy were European oak barrels, which have a finer grain and lower density, giving the wine a more nuanced flavor and smoother tannins. It shows more soft flavors, such as cream, vanilla or caramel pudding.

Whisky flavor aged in brandy barrels

Underneath the floral and malt aromas are elegant aromas of white Xinjiang grapes, and these two aromas will be blended well in a short period of time, with a little almond and nut aroma in addition to the fruit. The whiskey is relatively light in body and easy to drink. The color of the wine may appear light brown or brown, the bitterness of the tannins will be perceived in the early stage, but not very heavy, and a relatively balanced wine will appear in a short period of time, and as it ages, the bitterness of the tannins will begin to recede, and the smooth wine with elegant fruit and floral and malt aromas will fall gently in the mouth like spring rain.

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